Organic Taiwanese Tea Tasting


Delve into the flavors, aromas, and cultural richness of Taiwanese tea as we recap the highlights of this memorable gathering.

Thank you to everyone who attended the recent Organic Taiwanese Tea Tasting event hosted by Aurelius Jiang and @jadeteekeramik! Held on the 5th and 6th of April at our tea house on Berggasse 14, 1090 Vienna, the event provided guests with an opportunity to sample exquisite Taiwanese organic teas curated by Aurelius himself.

From 13:30 to 17:00 each day, attendees were invited to savor a selection of teas and learn about their origins and unique characteristics. Aurelius, a dedicated tea enthusiast from Taiwan, shared his knowledge and passion with participants, creating a memorable experience for all.

In addition to the daytime tastings, evening sessions were held at 18:30, offering a deeper exploration of Taiwanese tea culture. These sessions provided a more intimate setting for attendees to engage with Aurelius and delve into the nuances of each tea variety.

We extend our gratitude to everyone who joined us in supporting Aurelius's non-profit initiative and promoting Taiwanese tea on a global scale. Your presence and contributions have made a meaningful impact on Aurelius's journey and mission.

Stay tuned for future events and opportunities to discover the world of tea with @jadeteekeramik. Thank you for being a part of our tea community!